Polska.pl is the official portal promoting the Republic of Poland, run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You won’t be bored. We’ll show you all that is fascinating, extraordinary and beautiful about our country. You’ll learn about Poland through the stories of remarkable Poles. Mostly those who are building and developing our country today, but we don’t forget about those without whom Poland would have vanished from the world map and those who have helped Poland enter the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance.


#Polska empowers! Experience it.


History of the Polska.pl/Poland.pl portal in a nutshell:

  • 2004 – first edition of the Polska.gov.pl/Poland.gov.pl portal designed to promote Poland
  • 2009 – second version of the Polska.gov.pl/Poland.gov.pl portal
  • May 2014 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs acquires the Polska.pl and Poland.pl web domains and the Polish promotional portal launches at the new addresses
  • November 2014 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches the third version of the Polska.pl/Poland.pl promotional portal